DSO-NUS CTF 2021 is open only to current students from local tertiary institutions. Both Singaporean and non-Singaporean students from local tertiary institutions are welcome to participate.


You may participate as an individual or as a team of 2.


Winners will be decided based on the scores, subject to follow-on verification using (but not limited to) the following means:

  • submission of sufficiently detailed writeups for any 2 solved challenges selected by the Organisers

  • elaboration on how challenges are solved over video conference

Winners will be contacted via email within 2 weeks after the competition ends. The award prize may be modified in the event of a tie.

Participants are bound by the laws of the Republic of Singapore, including but not limited to the Computer Misuse Act. In addition, participants who engage in cheating or anomalous behaviour will be disqualified at the sole discretion of the organisers. This includes:

  • Seeking help from any external party outside your team

  • Sharing of flags or hints to another individual or team

  • Denial/interruption of services required for the competition

  • Obtaining or attempting to obtain illegal access to computer systems

Each participant is required to be an existing student from a local tertiary institution, verified as follows:

  • Each participant is required to use an email address from a Singapore tertiary institute (University, Polytechnic, Integrated Programme, Junior College, Institute of Technical Education) for successful registration

  • Each prize winner will be required to present a proof of study at a local tertiary institution

To ensure fairness, any team wholly or partially consisting of the following personnel will not be eligible for prizes:

  • A participant who is not an existing student from a local tertiary institution

  • Personnel from DSO, NUS and NCL involved in the organisation of DSO-NUS CTF 2021

  • Existing DSO staff, including interns and temporary staff

All decisions made by the Organisers are final, including decisions on eligibility, awarding of prizes, cheating or misconduct, termination of activity, or disqualification. The Organisers reserve the right to change the rules where required.